An Exclusive

Business Design Planner

Dedicated To Entrepreneurs

A life well lived is a life filled with lifelong self-improvement by setting goals that you can achieve on a consistent basis and not letting temporary setbacks get you off track.

The purpose of this is planner is enable business owners and their teams to design, manage and attain mastery over their day to day routines leading to their desired goals.

So get ahead and design the path less travelled.


Don't wait for the perfect business, Design it!

“One Minute In Planning, Saves At-least One Hour In Execution Several Years of Unproductive Life”

Benefits Of The Planner

Business acceleration is all about taking actions

Most planners are not designed keeping in mind the challenges, needs & desires of entrepreneurs & their teams

A tool to support commitment to gradual improvement is what separates excellence from mediocrity

Writing down helps you get a fresh perspective to think more clearly and make better decisions

A life well lived is a life filled with lifelong self-improvement by setting goals

APN's Business By Design System has empowering Strategies, Frameworks, Models, Processes, Assessments, Tools and Templates that will make your Business Deserve Acceleration.

Benefits Of The Planner

Hard Bound, and elastic closure with excellent quality

Find your worth of your every minute

Time tracking based on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

It is detail oriented.

Will get you closer to pursuing excellence

Start your journey to manifest your business dreams


Business Design Coach | Management Consultant | Success Routines Mentor

Amit P Nahar

APN loves empowering entrepreneurs to Design, Automate & Accelerate their Business and has dedicated over the last 20 years of his life in systematically scaling and growing thousands of entrepreneurs across industry verticals to manifest Joy, Purpose and Abundance on this planet.

He is not someone who simply tells what you should do, but serves as your partner, so together you are co-creating greater levels of success.

He firmly believes that you are a product of your routines and must unlock your true potential by planting the seed of Success.


This Business Design Planner has empowering Tools, Templates & Activities that will drive you towards

"Business Acceleration". It is all about taking actions thereby separating excellence from mediocrity.


Planning Suggestions

Get effective planning suggestions to organize and achieve important goals and objectives


Worth Of My Minute

Unlock your true potential by knowing your worth and strive to up skill and improve.


Top Business Lessons

Learn and become aware of top business lessons business owners often learn the hard way.


Design Your Business

Design your master list of ambitious goals, vision, skills, habits etc. of your entrepreneurial life.


Business Goal Setting

Set your financial, functional, learning, team, customer goals and the potential scope of your business.


Time Tracker

Design your ideal daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines and work towards it consistently.


Success Is In Your Routines

Unleash the power to bring about a consistent shift in your

everyday Routines, Habits & Skills

Get This Planner At INR 2,999/- To Design Success

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. As an Entrepreneur currently I don't have any team members working for me yet, will this still be useful for me?

A1. Yes, the planner is designed and ideally suitable for any Entrepreneur or Solopreneur of their team members.

Q2. I would like to get this planner for my team members, will it be useful for them?

A2. Yes, as it is highly recommended that your team members be in sync with your planning, organizing and execution process for enhanced co-ordination and communication.

Q3. If I decide to get this planner for my team members, is there a way I can place a bulk order on this planner?

A3. For orders above 10 Nos, you may either email or call us at +91 98413 23592 along with your shipping details.

Q4. I am comfortable with planning and organizing digitally, why should I use a planner where I need to write?

A3. Writing by hand increases brain activity over taking notes on a tablet or smartphone. Some experts believe your brain benefits from using old-fashioned pen and paper wherein cognitive and motor skills are enhanced.

Q5. Should I get this planner only in the beginning of the calendar/financial year, January/April?

A3. This is an undated planner, so you may start using this anytime during the year. Further, filling the dates increases your awareness and sets you in a more controlled state.


Would you be open if I said to you that in order for you to achieve the desired success, you must first

manifest excellence by bringing about an everyday shift in your daily routines.

So, go ahead and get this exclusive Business Design Planner ONLY if you are ready to commit to excellence.

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